Building React Apps with Server-Side Rendering (Apress)
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

in this book subtitled "Use React, Redux, and Next to Build Full Server-Side Rendering Applications",  author Mohit Thakkar shows how to build and deploy React applications using the Next.js framework to fully render server-side HTML on every web page. The core of the book covers using Next.js to create a fast and secure solutional React application that renders content on the server-side, protects sensitive information, and optimizes response times. The book also covers other fun and interesting topics such as Bootstrap 4, JSX (JavaScript XML), and adding styling to your React applications.



Author: Mohit Thakkar
Publisher: Apress
Date: April 2020
Pages: 207
ISBN: 978-1484258682
Print: 1484258681
Kindle: B086RD8JVW
Audience: React developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Web design and development


  • Examine fundamental concepts of JavaScript (ES 2015)
  • Create client-side apps using JavaScript frameworks React and Redux
  • Add server-side rendering to React apps using the NextJS Framework


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