Python Programming for Beginners: A Kid's Guide to Coding Fundamentals (Rockridge Press)
Friday, 27 November 2020

This book teaches kids about Python and programming fundamentals―and is packed full of fun and creative activities to encourage learning, Patricia Foster starts off with the basics, explaining all about fundamental coding concepts and how kids can put these concepts together in Python to build their own games and programs.


Each chapter focuses on a different coding concept―like variables, data types, and loops―and features three coding activities to try. These activities get more difficult as they go, so young coders can see just how much their skills are growing.

Author: Patricia Foster
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Date: November 2020
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1646113880
Print: 1646113888
Kindle: B08KHQG1TK
Audience: kids aged 10-14
Level: Introductory
Category: Python


  • No coding experience needed!―Designed just for kids, this Python programming book is filled with step-by-step directions, simple explanations, and detailed code breakdowns.
  • Build a coding toolbox―Kids will build their programming skills, learn how to troubleshoot bugs with a handy bug-hunting guide, and practice their Python programming knowledge with cool activities.
  • Why Python programming?―Python is an awesome starting language for kids! It’s a powerful programming language that can be used for lots of projects but features simple syntax so beginners can focus on learning programming logic.

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