Mastering Swift 5.3, 6th Ed (Packt)
Wednesday, 09 December 2020

This practical guide to the Swift programming language has been updated with a sixth edition covering the latest features, an overall revision to align with Swift 5.3, and two new chapters on building Swift from source and advanced operators. Jon Hoffman starts from the basics of the language to popular features such as concurrency, generics, and memory



Author: Jon Hoffman
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Date: November 2020
Pages: 418
ISBN: 978-1800562158
Print: 1800562152
Kindle: B08M6JWZSJ
Audience: Swift developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Phone/mobile


  • Understand core Swift components, such as operators, collections, control flows, and functions
  • Identify how and when to use classes, structures, and enumerations
  • Use protocol-oriented design with extensions to write easy-to-manage code
  • Use design patterns with Swift to solve commonly occurring design problems
  • Apply copy-on-write for your custom value types to improve performance
  • Add concurrency to your applications using Grand Central Dispatch and operation queues
  • Implement generics to write flexible and reusable code


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