C++ Template Metaprogramming in Practice (Auerbach Publications)
Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Using the implementation of a deep learning framework as an example, in this book author Li Wei explains the application of metaprogramming in a relatively large project and emphasizes ways to optimize systems performance. Developers familiar with mainstream deep learning frameworks can also refer to this book to compare the differences between the deep learning framework implemented with metaprogramming and compile-time computing with deep learning frameworks using object-oriented methods. 



Author: Li Wei
Publisher: Auerbach Publications
Date: December 2020
Pages: 388
ISBN: 978-0367609566
Print: 0367609568
Kindle: B08LGL7127
Audience: C++ developers
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Category: C/C++


Topics covered include:


  • Heterogeneous dictionaries and policy templates
  • An introduction to deep learning
  • Type system and basic data types
  • Operations and expression templates
  • Basic layers
  • Composite and recurrent layers
  • Evaluation and its optimization


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