Perl New Features (Leanpub)
Monday, 25 January 2021

This book is a collection of articles from the  Effective Perl Programming  website created by brian b foy  and Joshua McAdams, based on work they did to update Jospeh Hall's seminal book Effective Perl Programming for v5.10. Over the last 10 years they have continued to add more articles to the website and foy has now gathered them into a book. It looks at Perl's new features from version 5.10 to version 5.32, and foy plans to update the coverage as and when new Perl versions are released. 


Author: brian d foy
Publisher: Leanpub
Date: January 2021
Pages: 352
Kindle: B08SKTW2R9
Audience: Perl programmers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Perl



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Algorithms Unlocked

Author: Thomas H. Cormen
Publisher: MIT Press, 2013
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-0262518802
Print: 0262518805
Kindle: B00H4D1W94
Audience: General readers interested in Computer Science
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Mike James

An easy to read book about algorithms. What could be better reading for a programmer -  [ ... ]

Kotlin in Action

Author: Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova
Publisher: Manning
Pages: 360
ISBN: 978-1617293290
Print: 1617293296
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Mike James

Kotlin is suddenly a very important language. This is one of our most popular book reviews of 2017 revisited in case you missed it.

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