Data-Oriented Programming (Manning)
Wednesday, 17 August 2022

This guide introduces the data-oriented paradigm, showing how the approach represents data with generic immutable data structures to simplify state management, ease concurrency, and do away with the common problems you’ll find in object-oriented code. Yehonathan Sharvit book presents the concepts through conversations, code snippets, and diagrams that help you quickly grok what’s great about DOP.



Author: Yehonathan Sharvit
Publisher: Manning
Date: August 2022
Pages: 424
ISBN: 978-1617298578
Print: 1617298573
Kindle: B0B7KBX4TK
Audience: Data developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Data Science



  • Separate code from data
  • Represent data with generic data structures
  • Manipulate data with general-purpose functions
  • Manage state without mutating data
  • Control concurrency in highly scalable systems
  • Write data-oriented unit tests
  • Specify the shape of your data
  • Benefit from polymorphism without objects
  • Debug programs without a debugger


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