Programming and Problem Solving with C++, 7th Ed (Jones & Bartlett Learning)
Wednesday, 31 August 2022

This textbook is aimed at ACM/IEEE-recommended curricula for introductory computer science courses. The latest edition continues to reflect the philosophy of Nell Dale and Chip Weems in guiding students through the content in an accessible and approachable way. It offers full coverage of all necessary content enabling the book to be used across two terms, and provides numerous features to help students fully understand and retain important concepts from each chapter.



Author: Nell Dale and Chip Weems
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Date: July 2022
Pages: 1100
ISBN: 978-1284157321
Print: 1284157326
Kindle: B0B6QCHYVD
Audience: Developers interested in C++
Level: Intermediate
Category: C/C++


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Publisher: Mike Murach
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Print: 1943872368
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This new edition of a popular title brings the material up to date to cover MySQL 8, and covers newer MySQL features such as window functions, Commo [ ... ]

TinyML: Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite

Authors: Pete Warden and Daniel Situnayake
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Audience: Developers interested in machine learning
Rating: 5, but see reservations
Reviewer: Harry Fairhead
Can such small machines really do ML?

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