Apps and Services with .NET 7 (Packt)
Monday, 28 November 2022

In this book author Mark Price looks at the most common technologies a .NET developer should know: Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, OData, SignalR, and Azure Functions and covers specialized libraries for monitoring and improving performance, securing data and applications, and internationalizing code and apps.


With chapters that put a variety of technologies into practice, including Web API, OData, gRPC, GraphQL, SignalR, and Azure Functions, this book will give you a broader scope of knowledge than other books that often focus on only a handful of .NET technologies.

Author: Mark Price
Publisher: Packt
Date: November 2022
Pages: 814
ISBN: 978-1801813433
Print: 1801813434
Kindle: B0B7SKLX6C
Audience: .NET developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: ASP.NET



  • Learn how to build more efficient, secure, and scalable apps and services
  • Make use of specialized .NET libraries to improve your applications
  • Implement popular third-party libraries like Serilog and FluentValidation
  • Build cross-platform apps with .NET MAUI and integrate with native mobile features
  • Get familiar with a variety of technologies for implementing services like gRPC and GraphQL
  • Explore Blazor WebAssembly and use open-source Blazor component libraries
  • Store and manage data locally and in the cloud with SQL Server and Cosmos DB


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