BBC Micro:bit in Practice (Packt)
Wednesday, 04 January 2023

In this book described as "a hands-on guide to building creative real-life projects with MicroPython and the BBC Micro:bit"  Ashwin Pajankar, Abhishek Sharma and Sandeep Saini show how hardware components can be manipulated using a combination of Micro:bit and MicroPython. The book begins with mini projects aimed at developing practical knowledge of circuit design and writing programs before moving on to how to write programs for working with built-in LEDs and buttons, interfacing external LEDs, buttons, motors and buzzers, built-in radio, speakers, accelerometer, and a compass.



Author: Ashwin Pajankar, Abhishek Sharma and Sandeep Saini
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Date: December 2022
Pages: 292
ISBN: 978-1804610121
Print: 1804610127
Kindle: B0BHT9ZZY2
Audience: Developers interested in hardware
Level: Intermediate
Category: Hardware platforms and Python


Also see: Micro:bit IoT In C, Second Edition (I/O Press)

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