Amazon Web Services in Action, 3rd Ed (Manning)
Monday, 15 May 2023

This book covers essential best practices for deploying and managing applications on Amazon Web Services. Andreas and Michael Wittig cover techniques for building highly available and scalable architectures and automating deployment with Infrastructure as Code. The revised edition features new chapters on containerization, along with a variety of AWS innovations.

<ASIN:163343916X >

Author: Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig
Publisher: Manning
Date: May 2023
Pages: 552
ISBN: 978-1633439160
Print: 163343916X
Kindle: B0C1ZYCMPV
Audience: Web developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Web design and development


Topics covered:

  • Make use of globally distributed data centers to launch virtual machines with EC2
  • Store and archive large volumes of data with EBS, S3, and EFS
  • Persist and query data with highly available and scalable database systems with RDS and DynamoDB
  • Enhance performance with caching data in-memory with ElastiCache and MemoryDB
  • Use Infrastructure as Code to automate your cloud infrastructure
  • Secure workloads running in the cloud with VPC and IAM
  • Build fault-tolerant web applications with ALB and SQS
  • Automate common sysadmin tasks with Lambda, CLI, and SDK
  • Build cloud-native applications based on containers with AppRunner, ECS, Fargate

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