Robotics, Vision and Control, 3rd Ed (Springer)
Monday, 26 June 2023

This textbook, subtitled "Fundamental Algorithms in Python" provides a comprehensive, but tutorial, introduction to robotics, computer vision, and control. Peter Corke's light but informative conversational style weaves text, figures, mathematics, and lines of code into a narrative that covers robotics and computer vision, both separately and together as robotic vision. 

<ASIN: 3031064682>

Over 1600 code examples show how complex problems can be decomposed and solved using just a few simple lines of code. This edition is based on Python and is accompanied by fully open-source Python-based Toolboxes for robotics and machine vision.  The new Toolboxes enable the reader to easily bring the algorithmic concepts into practice and work with real, non-trivial, problems on a broad range of computing platforms.

Author: Peter Corke
Publisher: Springer
Date: June 2023
Pages: 850
ISBN: 978-3031064685
Print: 3031064682
Kindle: B0BTS64V91
Audience: Python developers interested in robotics
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: Artificial Intelligence


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Print: 1718500823
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