Fundamentals of Database Management Systems, 3rd Ed (WIley)
Monday, 17 July 2023

This book offers a firm grounding in the fundamentals of database while at the same time providing a wide-ranging survey of database subfields relevant to information systems professionals. In the newly revised third edition, Dr. Mark Gillenson delivers an authoritative and comprehensive account of contemporary database management. 

<ASIN:‎ 1119907462 >

The Third Edition assists readers in understanding critical topics in the subject, including data modeling, relational database concepts, logical and physical database design, SQL, data administration, data security, NoSQL, blockchain, and database in the cloud.

Author: Dr. Mark L. Gillenson
Publisher: Wiley
Date: June 2023
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-1119907466
Print: ‎ 1119907462
Audience: Database developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Database


Topics include:

  • Brand-new content on NoSQL database management, NewSQL, blockchain, and database-intensive applications, including data analytics, ERP, CRM, and SCM
  • Updated and revised narrative material designed to offer a friendly introduction to database management
  • Renewed coverage of cloud-based database management
  • Extensive updates to incorporate the transition from rotating disk secondary storage to solid state drives

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