Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering, 4th Ed (Kodeco)
Friday, 21 July 2023

In this book, the Kodeco team show how to use Apple's software debugger, LLDB, to find bugs faster, and discuss how other developers have solved problems similar to yours. The book also covers how to create custom debugging scripts to find the secrets behind any bit of code that piques your interest.



Author: Kodeco team
Publisher: Kodeco
Date: July 2023
Pages: 575
ISBN: 978-1950325634
Print: 1950325636
Audience: Apple developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Theory & Techniques 


Topics covered:

  • Master LLDB and learn about its extensive list of subcommands and options.
  • Learn the low-level components available to help extract useful information from a program, from assembly calling conventions to exploring the process of dynamically-loaded frameworks.
  • Use LLDB’s Python module to create powerful custom debugging commands to introspect and augment existing programs.
  • Learn how to use DTrace, a dynamic tracing framework, and how to write D scripts to query anything you were ever curious about on your macOS machine.

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