Crimes Against Data (Technics Publications)
Friday, 18 August 2023

With the strap line "101 true crime stories of people abusing and misusing data", this book starts from the premise that just because there’s data doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right data or people are using it properly. Merrill Albert uses a series of anecdotes to loook at how data problems (data crimes) are caused by people treating data improperly, and what the impact of this is.


Merrill then analyzes what happened and proposes solutions. The stories illustrate the importance of getting the data right, and raise awareness of how to steer clear of data crimes, or interact with the "offender" to come to a resolution.

Author: Merrill Albert
Publisher: Technics Publications
Date: August 2023
Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-1634623476
Print: 1634623479
Kindle: B0CD2FB1F6
Audience: General
Level: Introductory
Category: Data Science


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