Software Testing Strategies (Packt)
Wednesday, 27 December 2023

In this book, subtitled "A testing guide for the 2020s", Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen cover a wide range of topics in the field of software testing, providing practical insights and strategies for professionals at every level. With equal emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical application, this book is a valuable resource for programmers, testers, and anyone involved in software development.



Authors: Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen
Publisher: Packt
Date: December 2023
Pages: 378
ISBN: 978-183768024
Print: 1837638020
Audience: Programmers, testers, and DevOps specialists
Level: Intermediate

  • Explore accessibility, functional testing, performance testing, and more as an integral part of testing
  • Find out how to implement a wide range of testing approaches
  • Develop the skills needed to create effective testing strategies tailored to your project's needs
  • Discover how to prioritize and execute the most impactful test ideas
  • Gain insight into when and how to apply different testing elements
  • Defend your chosen testing strategy with a comprehensive understanding of its components

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The Programmer's Brain (Manning)

Author: Dr. Felienne Hermans
Publisher: Manning
Date: September 2021
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-1617298677
Print: 1617298670
Kindle: B09CQHBVQZ
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Mike James
Programmers have a brain - but what is it doing?

How to Grow a Robot: Developing Human-Friendly, Social AI

Author: Mark H. Lee
Publisher: MIT Press
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0262043731
Print: 0262043734
Kindle: B0874BMM14
Audience: Developers interested in how robotics and AI can be combined.
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Kay Ewbank

This book sets out to look at how robots can be more human-like, friendly and engaging. [ ... ]

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