Autographic Design (MIT Press)
Monday, 01 January 2024

Subtited "The Matter of Data in a Self-Inscribing World", in this book Dietmar Offenhuber argues that citizen scientists, environmental activists, and forensic amateurs are using analog methods to present evidence of pollution, climate change, and the spread of disinformation. Offenhuber presents a model for these practices, a model to make data generation accountable: autographic design.


Autographic refers to the notion that every event inscribes itself in countless ways. Offenhuber describes an approach to visualization based on the premise that data is a material entity rather than an abstract representation.

Author: Dietmar Offenhuber
Publisher: MIT Press
Date: December 2023
Pages: 296
ISBN: 978-0262547024
Print: 0262547023
Kindle: B0BYYKM18J
Audience: General
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: Data Science

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