Asynchronous Programming in Rust (Packt)
Monday, 19 February 2024

This book is for programmers who want to enhance their understanding of asynchronous programming, especially those experienced in VM'ed or interpreted languages like C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, and Go.  Using functional examples, Carl Fredrik Samson simplifies the concepts, exploring goroutines, fibers, futures, and callbacks.

<ASIN:1805128132 >

Samson starts with the foundations of asynchronous programming and explores diverse strategies for modeling program flow. The book then considers language implementations, explaining concepts like epoll, stackfull coroutines, green threads, and callbacks using practical examples. The final section focuses on Rust, examining futures, generators, and the reactor-executor pattern.

Author: Carl Fredrik Samson
Publisher: Packt
Date: February 2024
Pages: 306
ISBN: 978-1805128137
Print: 1805128132
Audience: Rust developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: Other Languages

Topics covered

  • Explore the essence of asynchronous program flow and its significance
  • Understand the difference between concurrency and parallelism
  • Gain insights into how computers and operating systems handle concurrent tasks
  • Uncover the mechanics of async/await
  • Understand Rust's futures by implementing them yourself
  • Implement green threads from scratch to thoroughly understand them


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