Software Architecture with C# 12 and .NET 8, 4th Ed (Packt)
Monday, 08 April 2024

This book puts high-level design theory to work in a .NET context, teaching the key skills, technologies, and best practices required to become an effective .NET software architect. In this fourth edition Gabriel Baptista and Francesco Abbruzzese put emphasis on a case study that will bring skills to life, and take an even closer look at Blazor and explore OpenTelemetry for observability, as well as a more practical dive into preparing .NET microservices for Kubernetes integration.

<ASIN:1805127659 >


Author: Gabriel Baptista and Francesco Abbruzzese
Publisher: Packt
Date: February 2024
Pages: 756
ISBN: 978-1805127659
Print: 1805127659
Audience: .NET developers
Level: Intermediate
Category: ASP.NET and C#


Topics include:

  • Program and maintain Azure DevOps and explore GitHub Projects
  • Manage software requirements to design functional and non-functional needs
  • Apply architectural approaches such as layered architecture and domain-driven design
  • Make effective choices between cloud-based and data storage solutions
  • Implement resilient frontend microservices, worker microservices, and distributed transactions
  • Understand when to use test-driven development (TDD) and alternative approaches
  • Choose the best option for cloud development, from IaaS to Serverless

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