Learning GDScript by Developing a Game with Godot 4 (Packt)
Friday, 07 June 2024

This book shows how to develop for the Godot 4 game engine and GDScript 2.0 by building a game. Sander Vanhove shows how to use the features of the open-source GDScript 2.0 to develop your ideas, from simple platformers to complex RPGs.  Starting with a primer on the fundamentals of programming, and including topics from data to logic, the book includes information on Godot's built-in tools such as the physics engine, navigation, and cameras.

<ASIN:1804616982 >


Author: Sander Vanhove
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Date: May 2024
Pages: 378
ISBN: 978-1804616987
Print: 1804616982
Audience: Would-be games developers
Level: Introductory/Intermediate
Category: Graphics & Games

Topics include:

  • Develop your GDScript 2.0 programming skills from basic to advanced, emphasizing code cleanliness
  • Harness Godot 4's integrated physics engine to control and manipulate in-game objects
  • Design a vibrant and immersive game world by seamlessly integrating a diverse array of assets
  • Master the art of processing input from various sources for enhanced interactivity
  • Extend the reach of your game by learning how to export it to multiple platforms
  • Incorporate simple multiplayer functionality for a dynamic gaming experience


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