C++ Brain Teasers (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
Wednesday, 10 July 2024

In this book Anders Schau Knatten explores some of C++'s most interesting quirks through 25 puzzles, from the useful to the outright weird. How does initialization actually work? Do temporaries even exist? Why is +!!""  a valid expression in C++? As he works through each puzzle, he peels off some of the layers of complexity of C++, providing a fundamental understanding of how the language works.


Each puzzle in the book is a complete, seemingly simple C++ program. Most of the programs compile and have deterministic, though sometimes surprising, output. Some might, however, have undefined behavior, where anything can happen. All puzzles are accompanied by detailed discussions, taking a look under the hood at what exactly is going on to help you understand more about C++'s unexpected behaviors, as well as fundamental concepts like initialization, overload resolution, and implicit conversions

Author: Anders Schau Knatten
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Date: July 2024
Pages: 140
ISBN: 978-8888650516
Print: B0D251HBV9
Audience: C++ programmers
Level: Intermediate
Category: C/C++


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