April Week 3
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

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April 16-22, 2015


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Push Notifications Come To Chrome And Android   Wednesday 22 April

The biggest problem the web has is its lack of push. Something new might be published, but you have to remember to navigate back to the page to see what it is - you have to contact the web page. Chrome 42 supports the Push API and this means that web pages can contact you.



Google Announces Big Data the Cloud Way   Wednesday 22 April

At the Hadoop Summit in Brussels, Google announced new cloud services and big data analytics tools.



Improve Your Coding Skills At SDD 2015   Tuesday 21 April

Writing better code is a key theme for SDD 205, the Software Design and Development conference which takes place in London from May 11-15. If you haven't already booked your place, do so by Friday April 24th to save up to £100.



Oracle Ending Java 7 Updates   Tuesday 21 April

 Oracle will no longer issue public updates, including bug and security fixes, for Java 7 after this month.



Automatic High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography   Monday 20 April

If you enjoy photography you have probably experimented with HDR. The usual method is to just guess the bracketing exposures needed. Now we have an algorithm that can produce the best results with the fewest additional exposures.



Microsoft Supplies Apps For Cyanogen's Android Fork   Monday 20 April

As they say - the plot thickens. After not quite investing in Cyanogen, Microsoft is now set to provide services in CyanogenOS. What does this mean for the Android programmer?



A 3D Printer For Plushies   Sunday 19 April

3D printers are still a hot topic, if cooling slightly after being over-hyped. Now we have something new. Disney has a prototype 3D printer that works with fabric and it is much more interesting than you might think.



Cardboard Outshines Glass   Saturday 18 April

Google has announced, Works With Google Cardboard, a new certification program for it low-cost virtual reality headset and produced new design guidelines plus updated SDKs for Android and Unity.



Visual Studio Now With Added Unity, Unreal And Cocos2d   Friday 17 April

Not long ago Visual Studio was the IDE you used to program languages and technologies that were essentially Microsoft. Now you can program in Python and JavaScript and, just announced, the Unity, Unreal or Cocos2d game engines. 



Developer Work and Pay   Friday 17 April

Our third and final look at the Stack Overflow survey covers its findings on what devs do, how much they are paid for it and how satisfied they are with their jobs.



Intent To Deprecate HTTP   Thursday 16 April

A suggestion on the Mozilla Dev forum aims to deprecate HTTP in favour of HTTPS. Has it really come to this? Browser devs dictating the protocols we use? Of course, it is all in the name of freedom.



GNU Hurd 0.6 Released   Thursday 16 April

The GNU Hurd, the free open source replacement for the Unix kernel, has a new release that is still not suitable for production environments. There are also new releases of GNU Mach and GNU Mig, both of which have reached version 1.5.



MariaDB Enterprise Spring Update   Thursday 16 April

The MariaDB team has released an update for MariaDB Enterprise, with performance improvements aimed particularly at SaaS and web applications.


The Core

PHP Inner Functions And Closure   Wednesday 22 April

PHP inner functions and anonymous functions are a little strange to say the least. However, just because something is strange doesn't mean that it isn't useful. We take a close look at the way PHP functions work and how you might be writing one even if you don't know you are...



Real RealSense In C# - Event Streams   Thursday 16 April

Things get a little more complicated when it comes to processing a stream of samples from the RealSense camera. It is quite easy to get it working. but much more difficult to get it working right. We show you how in this second article about RealSense In C#.





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