November Week 5
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Saturday, 05 December 2015

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November 26 - December 2 




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Turing's Red Flag   Wednesday 02 December

You almost certainly have heard of the Turing Test but now it is suggested that we need something more, Turing's Red Flag, to protect us from AIs that are aiming to pass the original test.



Google Cloud Datalab Beta   Wednesday 02 December

Google has launched a beta of Cloud Datalab, a new data visualization service, that you can use to analyze raw data and to explore, share, and publish reports.



Gordon Bell Prize For Simulating The Earth's Interior   Wednesday 02 December

The winners of this year's ACM Gordon Bell Prize presented their research, that realistically simulates current conditions of the Earth’s interior, at SC15, the annual international supercomputing conference, held this year in November in Austin, Texas. 



MongoDB 3.2 Released   Tuesday 01 December

MongoDB 3.2 has been released with support for document validation, partial indexes, and new storage engines.



Intel Buzz Workshop Comes To London   Tuesday 01 December

A full day of free sessions where you can learn about the latest in gaming and play with industry experts is on offer on December 8th in London.



Coordinated Cyber Attack on Greek Banks   Tuesday 01 December

Financially tortured Greece has been caught in the middle of another turmoil, that of a hacking thriller currently in full deployment. Hacker team Armada Collective last week notified the National Bank of Greece of a series of pending DDoS attacks against its banking infrastructure unless 700 bitcoins is paid in ransom



Flink Gets Event-time Streaming   Monday 30 November

Apache Flink 0.10.0 has been released with improvements for data stream processing, support for event-time streaming and exactly-once processing.



Google Turns Apps Into Web Pages - Insanity!   Monday 30 November

You may not like web pages that keep on trying to get you to install the app, but as programmers we know apps have advantages. Now Google is undoing all your hard work and turning your app back into a web page - the jargon is streaming apps. 



Coursera's Machine Learning Specialization   Monday 30 November

The first course in Coursera's Machine Learning Specialization starts next week on December 7th, 2015. Meanwhile the second course, Regression, opens today, November 30th.



Quantum Cats   Sunday 29 November

Can you learn about quantum mechanics, and quantum computing in particular, simply by playing a game?



2015 Source Code Poetry Competition   Saturday 28 November

No this is not some vague philosophical point about code being so beautiful it is a logical poem - although it undoubtedly is - this is real poetry. It has to rhyme and it has to compile. 



Asm.js Goes All Edgy   Friday 27 November

Edge, Microsoft's browser replacement for IE, has been quick to drop the legacy technologies and just as quick to embrace the new stuff. The lastest new technology to make it into Edge is asm.js and there is a nice proof of principle that it is indeed faster. 



No More Tweet Counts   Friday 27 November

If you are a member of the Twitterati, last Friday was a sad day. Twitter turned off the Tweet counter feature and does not intend to restore it.



Raspberry Pi Zero $5 Computer   Thursday 26 November

Rumours that something new was coming from the Raspberry Pi team have proved true - a $5 computer the Raspberry Pi Zero is here to give the BBC micro:bit and other low cost devices some competition.



Microsoft Open Sources Quantum Computing   Thursday 26 November

Microsoft has a lot of interest in quantum computing and even though we don't actually have any such thing at the moment this hasn't stopped it from creating a simulator called LIQUi|>.


The Core

Tactical Pentesting With Burp Suite   Monday 30 November

Pentration testing can be thought of as a form of necessary internal hacking if we are going to keep the websites we develop secure from outside attacks. Nikos Vaggalis enrolled in a webinar from Secure Ideas to discover the capabilities of Burp.



Finding Bugs In The First C++ Compiler - What does Bjarne Think!   Thursday 26 November

C++ celebrated its 30th anniversary last month and this prompted the PVS-Studio team to use its static code analysis tool to look for bugs in the very first C++ compiler, Cfront. This may seem like a strange way to celebrate, especially when they confronted  C++ founder, Bjarne Stroustrup, with his bugs. See what he said in return. 




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