February Week 4
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Saturday, 05 March 2016

If you want to keep up with what's important from the point of view of the developer, you can rely on the IProgrammer team to sift through the news to select items that are of interest and to review the books you might want to read. See what we thought of this week's and sample the books for yourself.

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February 25 - March 2


Book Reviews


  • jQuery Pocket Primer - Rated 2 by Ian Elliot who concluded:

    If you are hoping that a quick look at this book will bring you up-to-speed on how jQuery is used in web pages. then you are going to be disappointed. It could have provided a lot more information about jQuery if more of the 200 pages had been about jQuery rather than distantly connected topics.  


  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution Rated 4.5 by Ian Stirk:
    This book aims to be a primer on the fourth industrial revolution, explaining what it is, what it will bring, how it will impact us – and succeeds in all these points.





PlaNet Good At Photo GeoLocation   Wednesday 02 March

Is it possible to train a system to determine the location where a photo was taken without any additional input? A team of Google researchers has tackled this problem and come up with a solution that outperforms human experts. 



Diffie and Hellman Receive Turing Award   Wednesday 02 March

Cryptography pioneers Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman have been named as the winners of the 2015 ACM Turing Award. They will receive the $1 million prize at the ACM  annual Awards Banquet in June,



Improved Godot Game Engine   Wednesday 02 March

A new version of the Godot open source gaming engine has been released with better usability and features.



HoloLens - Invitations To Pre-Order Starting Today   Tuesday 01 March

Microsoft's augmented reality headset is another step closer to bringing mixed reality to the market. Developers in the US and Canada are now being invited to place orders for the HoloLens Development Edition, that will start shipping on March 30th.



GCC 6 Just Around The Corner   Monday 29 February

GCC 6 is set to be released in March. What is new in this venerable compiler collection?



Raspberry Pi 3 Confirmed - 64-bit For $35   Monday 29 February

On the fourth anniversary of the first Pi the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the details of the Pi 3 - and it is 64-bit with WiFi and Bluetooth. 



Google Launches Fast Web Page Technology AMP Early   Monday 29 February

Google's plan to take over the web, or just make it faster depending on your viewpoint, has started. AMP is a lightweight subset of HTML and JavaScript designed to be fast to deliver using a content delivery network. 



Realm React Native   Monday 29 February

A new version of Realm mobile database has been launched, built specifically for Facebook React.js. Faster than existing options, it offers easy object persistence and full query capabilities.



Self Parking Chairs - Office Utopia   Sunday 28 February

Whoever would have dreamed of making a video about office chairs? If you don't already know that the answer is Nissan then spare a few minutes. It's amusing and it depends on the same technology that is introducing self-parking cars.



Raspberry Pi 3 With WiFi And Bluetooth   Saturday 27 February

Details of the next member of the successful Raspberry Pi family have become available as part of FCC testing documents. The Pi 3 finally includes WiFi and Bluetooth LE. 



Astoria Cancellation Confirmed - Devs Advised To Try Xamarin   Friday 26 February

Microsoft's Windows Bridge for Android aka Project Astoria, which was intended to give devs a way to port existing apps to the Universal Windows platform has been officially dropped.



Hottest Skills To Get You Hired   Friday 26 February

The year ahead looks promising for programmers. Almost half of the most in-demand skills are programming skills. Here's a look at what they are and at some resources to help to acquire them.



Java Cryptography Basics On Skillshare   Thursday 25 February

Password encryption is currently a hot topic so a new course covering crypto hashing algorithms in Java seems a worthwhile way to gain some knowledge of the topic.



IBM's Watson Gets Sensitive   Thursday 25 February

IBM Watson has some new APIs to help developers add emotional analysis to their apps.



Microsoft Buys Xamarin - About Time Too   Thursday 25 February

Microsoft has announced that it is to acquire Xamarin, a move that is only surprising because it has taken so long. 


The Core

Data Entry with Xataface   Monday 29 February

Xataface is a full-featured PHP Web application framework for building a MySQL database front-end for, targeted at non-technical users who will do the task of actually entering data. Based on real life experience of using it for a search and comparison website for smart devices, we explain the why and how of using it. 



The Minimum Spanning Tree - Prim's Algorithm   Thursday 25 February

Finding the minimum spanning tree is one of the fundamental algorithms and it is important in computer science and practical programming. We take a look at the theory and the practice. 





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