April Week 4
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Saturday, 01 May 2021

Get up to speed on stuff that affects you as a developer. Our weekly digest lists the week's news, new titles added to our Book Watch Archive and our weekly book review. This week saw the publication of the first of Harry Fairhead's new books on the Raspberry Pi Pico and we have an extract from it on the Pico's PIO (Programmable I/O).

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April 22 - 28, 2021    

Featured Articles    

The Pico In C: A 1-Wire PIO Program
Harry Fairhead

article thumbnailThe 1-Wire bus is not an easy protocol to implement in PIO assembler for the Pico - but it can be done. This is an extract from Harry Fairhead's brand new book, Programing the Raspberry Pi Pico in C, which is a must-read for anyone contemplating using the remakable low-cost Pico for real. If you want to program the Pico in Python you only need to wait a couple of weeks.

Advanced Hashing
Mike James
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Hashing is arguably one of the great ideas of computing and it has hidden depths. Extensible hashing and perfect hashing are ideas that are worth exploring.



Programming News and Views  

Google Bans Program - Devs Suffer With No Redress
28 Apr | Mike James
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This is a story I grow tired of writing, but until something changes I have no option but than continue to report it. No matter what you think of the app stores, their monopolies are bad for business.

Feeling Your Feet In VR
28 Apr | Lucy Black
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When you walk feedback from your feet adds to the experience. A research study from Japan investigates how best to incorporate the sensation of walking into virtual reality.

Azure Training Scholarships For Women In Cloud
27 Apr | Sue Gee
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Microsoft is partnering with Coursera in a trio of Azure-related Specializations. The first of these, covering Azure Fundamentals and providing preparation for the AZ-900 Exam, is already enrolling. Microsoft is also offering 600 Scholarships for members of Women In Cloud.

Godot 3.3 Adds Web Editor
27 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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Godot 3.3 has been released with significant improvements to reliability and performance. The enhancements come ahead of the planned 4.0 release, but the team acknowledges that while they are mainly focused on the 4.0 release, users want a robust and mature 3.x branch to develop and publish their games now.

Trust and Taint - University of Minnesota Banned By Linux
26 Apr | Sue Gee
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Greg Kroah-Hartman has banned the University of Minnesota from contributing to the Linux Kernel and gone to a great deal of effort to revert and re-evaluate 190 patches that had come from the same University. Is this an overreaction or is it the one and only possible response?

A Deep Dive Into CPU Architecture
26 Apr | Nikos Vaggalis
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Take a journey into the world of CPU Architecture with the first presentations from Intel's new YouTube series that explains the core concepts in plain language.

Raspberry Pi Powered PDP-11
25 Apr | Harry Fairhead
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My attention was attracted this week to a vintage computer kit building experience. Retro Viator gave his account of the PiDP-11/70 from Obsolescence Guaranteed, which is a small-scale replica of Dec's PDP-11/70, a landmark mini computer of the 1970s.

Emoji SubCommittee ReOpens Submissions Process
23 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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The Unicode Emoji Subcommittee (ESC) has restarted reviewing emoji submissions following a break because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the chair of the committee, Jennifer Daniel, has released some guidance on how to make a successful submission if you have an idea for a new emoji. 

Learn Kotlin in 134 Lessons
23 Apr | Nikos Vaggalis
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Kotlin For Beginners is a free 9-hours long course covering the basics of Kotlin by Donn Felker and delivered on YouTube.

Kafka Replaces Zookeeper With Quorum
22 Apr | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Kafka has been updated to version 2.8, with improvements including early access version of KIP-500, which allows you to run Kafka brokers without Apache ZooKeeper, instead depending on an internal Raft implementation.

Git Command Explorer
22 Apr | Nikos Vaggalis
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There's no shortage of ideas when it comes to making one's life easier when tackling Git. That says a lot about both the power and the learning curve of the tool. Here's a new educational tool that demystifies Git commands and their syntax.




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Full Review 

Reviewer: Mike James Rating: 4 out of 5

Is Bash a computer language? Of course it is, but sometimes it just looks like the Linux command line. As a result books on the "language" have to make a choice of targeting programmers or users.  This Pocket Primer spends a lot of time discussing the Linux command line and so is much more suitable for the beginner.

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