August Week 3
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Saturday, 21 August 2021

Every day I Programmer has new material written by programmers, for programmers. This week we marked the 40th anniversary of the IBM PC with an account of a restoration project to make an original model, found in the attic, come back to life, complete with black and green display. What could we have expected to keep on its 10 Megabyte hard drive? 

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August 12 - 18, 2021

Featured Articles     

40 Years Of The PC - We Recover An Original IBM PC
Harry Fairhead
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Just over 40 years ago there was no PC, or rather there was no IBM PC.  The birth of this particular version of the Personal Computer set the course of computer use into the 21st century and probably beyond! This is the story of how one old machine was put back together for a trip down memory lane.

Javascript Data Structures - A Collection Object
Ian Elliot
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JavaScript has some good basic facilities for implementing data structures without too much effort. In this article the data structure under review is the collection, including an enumerator.


Programming News and Views   

TPM Security Easy To Defeat
18 Aug | Harry Fairhead
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A hardware hack  means that you can compromise a machine that has been set up in a particular way. This is important, but it's not a TPM killer. What is surprising is how simple the hack is considering that TPM is the state of the art security hardware.


Neurons Are Smarter Than We Thought
18 Aug | Mike James
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Artificial Neural Networks seem to compute in a way that is similar to the way that we do and they use artificial neurons that model the biological neuron - or they are supposed to. Now it seems that we have long underestimated the computing power of the neuron. A new paper suggests that it is more like a 5-8 layer network than just one of our artificial neurons.

Microsoft's Machine Learning for Beginners
17 Aug | Nikos Vaggalis
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A free, self-paced online course about Machine Learning is on offer from Microsoft's Azure Cloud Advocates. Its 24-lesson curriculum, expected to take 12-weeks to complete is targeted at those new to Machine Learning.

Couchbase 7 Adds Relational Support Model
17 Aug | Kay Ewbank
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Couchbase 7.0 has been released with new relational model support including SQL transactions, and a dynamic data containment model with schema-like structure layers called scopes and collections.

AWS Modern App Development Specialization on Coursera
16 Aug | Sue Gee
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced four new AWS Modern Application Development Specializations on Coursera leading to a certificate that is intended to demonstrate your readiness for the thousands of new jobs opening up that require cloud skills.

Apache Arrow 5 Improves Asynchronous Scanner
16 Aug | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Arrow 5 has been released, alongside Apache Arrow Rust 5. Both versions have a number of improvements, including a better asynchronous scanner for the Dataset layer. This is the first release where the Rust projects have moved to separate repositories outside the main Arrow monorepo.

Xiaomi CyberDog Proves Everyone Is Robot Dog Mad
15 Aug | Lucy Black
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Xiaomi is a company you generally associate with mobile phones, and indeed they just announced one, but along with the new phone was a new, surprisingly affordable and attractive CyberDog.

Recycle Your Pi For A Reward
13 Aug | Harry Fairhead
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Do you have a drawer or a box full of unused Raspberry Pis - I do and for good reasons. Now I and you can reclaim some of that value by returning them for recycling and earning a money off voucher for your next order.

Learn Kotlin By Doing
13 Aug | Mike James
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JetBrains has launched Kotlin Basics, a free, beginner-level track that has extended the range of offerings in JetBrains Academy, its educational platform that teaches programming through interactive, project-based learning.

IBM PC - Launched 40 Years Ago Today
12 Aug | Harry Fairhead
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The IBM 5150, the first major product called a 'Personal Computer', was launched on August 12, 1981. It ushered in an era of enterprise computing that revolutionized software development.

Node-RED 2.0 Adds Flow Debugger And Linter
12 Aug | Kay Ewbank
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Node-RED has reached version 2.0. The visual tool for connecting hardware devices with APIs and online services has now dropped support for older versions of Node.js that are themselves no longer supported. The new release includes the first versions of the Node-RED Flow Debugger and Linter.



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  • Kill It With Fire (No Starch Press)
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    The subtitle of this book is "Manage aging computer systems and future proof modern ones". This sounds a tall order - can the author go beyond amusing anecdotes to provide useful advice?

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