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Saturday, 20 January 2024

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January 11 - 17, 2024

Featured Articles

Programmer's Python Data - A Custom Data Class
15 Jan | Mike James
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Python has a lot of data structures, but what if you want to create your own?  Find out how it all works in this extract from Programmer's Python: Everything is Data .

Quishing Prevention: How Can Developers Create Secure QR Scanning Apps?
12 Jan | Austin Dease
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Quishing. the use of QR codes to deliver malicious malware on a victim’s device is on the rise. Besides introducing awareness training, developers can prevent quishing with strong encryption, security warnings, digital signatures, and varied kinds of barcodes.


Programming News and Views

DataStax Announces Data API Service
17 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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DataStax has announced the general availability of its Data API, a one-stop API for GenAI. DataStax also announced an updated developer experience for Astra DB, DataStax's NoSQL cloud database that is built on Apache Cassandra.

Udacity Launches Gen AI Nanodegree
17 Jan | Sue Gee
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Udacity its launching its latest Nanodegree program, Generative AI for Software Developers. It is a four-month program at Intermediate level and the prerequisites you'll need are Python  at an intermediate level, familiarity with transformer neural networks and other AI topics.

Python Driver For Oracle Database Goes Asynchronous
16 Jan | Nikos Vaggalis
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v2.0 of the driver has been upgraded to support asynchronous operations from Python code. This is a major boon for Python developers.

Angular 17 Adds Deferrable Views
16 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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Angular 17 has been released with much faster performance and improvements including deferrable views.

Fluid Framework 2 Supports SharePoint Embedded
15 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has announced the beta of Fluid Framework 2, its development platform for collaborative ways to work with documents. Fluid Framework was first announced at the 2019 Ignite conference.

Is The German State In Love With OSS?
15 Jan | Nikos Vaggalis
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Yet another Open Source Software initiative taken by the German state, this time launching openDesk, "the sovereign workplace".

C++ In The Linux Kernel?
14 Jan | Harry Fairhead
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It might come as a surprise to many a new hand, but the Linux Kernel is written in C and not just as a passive preference - Linux is actively pro-C and anti-C++. Or it always has been.

OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Store
12 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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OpenAI has announced a store where users can find custom versions of ChatGPT. Alongside the new store, OpenAI also announced a new team version of ChatGPT.

Vaadin Create Conference 2023 Videos Now Online
12 Jan | Nikos Vaggalis
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The recorded sessions of the Vaadin Create conference, the conference for creators using Vaadin Flow and Hilla, are now available online.

90th Birthday Of Tony Hoare
11 Jan | Sue Gee
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British Computer Scientist Tony Hoare has made numerous contributions that have revolutionized computer programming,  including the QuickSort algorithm, Hoare logic and the formal language, CSP. Today, January 11th 2024, is his 90th Birthday.

Apache Olingo Adds Java 17 Support
11 Jan | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Olingo 5.0.0 has been released with support for Java 17 and Jakarta EE for Olingo OData Version 4. The Olingo library provides a framework to expose data using the OData protocol, providing developers with easy, standards-based access to information that would otherwise be locked away in internal databases.


Books of the Week

If you want to purchase, or to know more about, any of the titles listed below from Amazon, click on the book jackets at the top of the right sidebar. If you do make Amazon purchases after this, we may earn a few cents through the Amazon Associates program which is a small source of revenue that helps us to continue posting.

Full Review

Oracle PL/SQL By Example, 6th Ed

Author: Elena Rakhimov
Publisher: Oracle Press
Pages: 480
ISBN: 978-0138062835
Audience: Developers interested in Oracle PL/SQL
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Kay Ewbank

This is the sixth edition of a well established title that has been updated for the latest version of PL/SQL (21c).

Book Watch

Angular Cookbook, 2nd Ed (Packt)

This recipe-based guide to Angular will help build up Angular expertise with a wide range of recipes across key tasks in web development and show how to build high-performance apps. In this second edition, Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz has updated the recipes, with added and improved recipes based on developer feedback and new challenges.


Java: The Complete Reference, 13th Ed (McGraw Hill)

Fully updated for the current version of Java, Java SE 21, this guide shows, step by step, how to design, write, debug, run, and administer high-performance Java programs. Inside, authors Herbert Schildt and Dr. Danny Coward cover the entire Java language, including its syntax, keywords, and libraries.


Hacks, Leaks, and Revelations (No Starch Press)

Subtitled "The Art of Analyzing Hacked and Leaked Data", this  hands-on guide blends real-world techniques for researching large datasets with lessons on coding, data authentication, and digital security. Micah Lee spices all of this up with stories from the front lines of investigative journalism, and looks into exposed datasets from a wide array of sources: the FBI, the DHS, police intelligence agencies, extremist groups like the Oath Keepers, and even a Russian ransomware gang.




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