June Week 5
Saturday, 06 July 2024

This week saw the publication of the third edition of The Programmers Guide To Kotlin, refreshing the title to cover Kotlin 2. Our top featured article is an extract in which Mike James looks at how to get started with cross-platform app development using Compose Multiplatform, Kotlin's newest and most innovative feature.

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June 27 - July 3, 2024

Featured Articles

The Programmers Guide To Kotlin - Compose Layout
02 Jul | Mike James
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Compose Multiplatform is a great way to create a UI for a range of platforms. In this extract from the book on Kotlin by Mike James we look at how to understand how its declarative approach is different.

Disk Drive Dangers - SMART and WMI
01 Jul | Mike James
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Getting access from an application to the hardware is never easy. If you want to know how well your disk drive is performing then there is a way of accessing the SMART data - including the temperature - using WMI and .NET 8 and it is fairly easy.


Programming News and Views

BusyBeaver(5) Is 47,176,870
03 Jul | Mike James
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The thing about the BusyBeaver function is that it is very easy to understand, but very difficult to compute. We now know its value up to 5, which isn't much progress for more than 50 years work.

Ladybird - An Independent Web Browser
03 Jul | Ian Elliot
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Ladybird sets out to be an independent Web Browser, free of Google (or any) advertising. It has taken the step of becoming a non-profit project on receiving a $1 million donation from GitHub founder, Chris Wanstrath, to aid its development.

Access LLMs From IntelliJ With Devoxx Genie
02 Jul | Nikos Vaggalis
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Devoxx Genie is a fully Java-based LLM Code Assistant plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, designed to integrate with local and cloud LLM providers.

Apache Releases NetBeans 22
02 Jul | Kay Ewbank
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Apache NetBeans 22 has been released. This release has a new Gradle Wizard, upgrades to Java 22 javac, and a number of UI changes.

Code Assessment Added To .NET Upgrade Assistant
01 Jul | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has improved the .NET Upgrade Assistant to add code assessment features. The assistant helps Visual Studio developers upgrade .NET applications to the latest version of .NET.

Perl v5.40.0 Shows That It Is Too Resilient To Die
01 Jul | Nikos Vaggalis
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Having faced doubt, debate and insecurity, Perl is still going after all those years, alive, kicking and making releases. Business as usual.

Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum Going, Going, Gone
30 Jun | Sue Gee
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The Seattle-based Living Computer Museum, founded in 2012 by Paul Allen to preserve vintage and heritage computers for posterity has closed and its collection will be sold at auction by Christies in September.

Udacity Offers More AWS Scholarships
28 Jun | Alex Denham
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Udacity has announced it is accepting applications for the next wave of 1,000 AWS AI & ML Scholarships. Any student over the age of 16 who self-identifies as under-served or under-represented in technology, and is currently enrolled in high school or college, may apply.

Andrew Tanenbaum Gains ACM Award
28 Jun | Sue Gee
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Andrew Tanenbaum has been awarded the 2023 ACM System Software Award for MINIX the operating system he created for teaching purposes and which was an important influence on Linux.

Eclipse Releases Theia IDE
27 Jun | Kay Ewbank
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The Eclipse Foundation has released Theia IDE, which they say is created for developers seeking a modern, open, and flexible tool for their coding pursuits. The IDE is based on the Theia Platform, which offers an open source alternative to Microsoft’s popular Visual Studio Code.

Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB Handles Your Time Series Workloads
27 Jun | Nikos Vaggalis
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Amazon has announced Timestream, a fully-managed time series database service that is based on open source InfluxDB.
But what is a time series ?


Books of the Week

If you want to purchase, or to know more about, any of the titles listed below from Amazon, click on the book jackets at the top of the right sidebar. If you do make Amazon purchases after this, we may earn a few cents through the Amazon Associates program which is a small source of revenue that helps us to continue posting.

Full Review

React Programming

Author: Loren Klingman and Ashley Parker
Publisher: Big Nerd Ranch Guides
Date: April 2023
Audience: Front end devs
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Ian Elliot
React is difficult to master, so a book can really help.

Book Watch

Programmer’s Guide To Kotlin, 3rd Ed (I/O Press)

This book introduces Kotlin to programmers who have at least the basics of programming. The book is written by Mike James, the editor of I-Programmer.info and author of many books. This third edition was prompted by the release of Kotlin 2, which uses a new compiler that makes it faster. The most important feature of Kotlin 2 is its full support for Compose Multiplatform, a UI framework for cross-platform development that encompasses desktop, web, Android and iOS. This innovative system is covered in a new chapter which introduces the way Compose works and how it exploits Kotlin's unique features.


Exploring Operations Research with R (Chapman & Hall)

This book shows how R can be successfully applied to the field of operations research (OR). Jim Duggan's approach is centred on the idea of the future OR professional as someone who can combine knowledge of key OR techniques (e.g., simulation, linear programming, data science, and network science) with an understanding of R, including tools for data representation, manipulation, and analysis.

Resistance Money (Routledge)

This book sets out the case for Bitcoin being 'resistance money', arguing that in an imperfect world of rampant inflation, creeping authoritarianism, surveillance, censorship, and financial exclusion, bitcoin empowers individuals to elude the expanding reach and tightening grip of institutions both public and private. Andrew M. Bailey, Bradley Rettler and Craig Warmke begin by explaining why bitcoin was invented, how it works, and where it fits among other kinds of money. The authors then offer a framework for evaluating bitcoin from a global perspective and use it to examine bitcoin’s monetary policy, censorship-resistance, privacy, inclusion, and energy use.



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