Google Comics Factory Makes ML Easy
Written by Mike James   
Sunday, 06 October 2019

A comic strip approach to machine learning? Could it possibly work? The hero is a cat, so of course it can.

I know about machine learning and I can tell you that this is an almost humorous, and definitely cute, accurate introduction to machine learning. What I am more confused about is why?

If you are intelligent enough to understand machine learning why do you need to be coaxed to learn something about it in this way. Yes, I'm the guy who could never understand why people bought and read dummies or idiots guides. I'm not against simple and direct presentations of ideas, and I certainly don't like anything that goes out of its way to make something seem more difficult or highbrow, but - a cartoon cat?! Have we really sunk so low?

Actually this presentation did make me smile and I did share it with other people, so perhaps I'm not as critical of it as I sound. I have to warn you, however, that it is very long and it doesn't get to neural networks - that's going to be Part II. You also need to give it a few frames to get started. The characters are Martha, the overworked engineer; Flip, the cat and Bit, the .. well I'm not sure what Bit is:


Unfortunately the presence of Mel at the bottom of the frame means that this less likely to be useful at getting management to understand.

There are some nice jokes in among the learning:


Perhaps this frame towards the end is too close to the truth to be allowed out in public:


Neural networks are cool but so are some of the classics of ML. Can I put a word in here for the much ignored discriminant analysis.

Finally - I really don't know if delivering a high-brow message in a low-brow medium really works. Let me know.

Oh, and I almost forgot to say, the whole point of the comic is to get you to sign up to using Google's machine learning services, but it isn't overly commercial.

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