DeepCode Launches Atom Plugin
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 20 February 2020

DeepCode has launched an AI-powered code review plugin for Atom. The Atom version joins existing plugins for Visual Studio Code and GitHub.

deepcodeDeepCode, which we first met which it introduced a free tier in August 2019, is an AI-based tool that integrates with code hosting platforms and can be used to analyze code using static program analysis to find problems and make changes to improve the code. Resulting suggestions range from performance improvements, possibly outdated external functions to security issues.  You can also carry out a commit analysis that analyzes all your commits and comments on them to see if a commit introduces any new issues, or a pull request analysis that does the same thing for pull requests.

The new plugin is designed for use with Atom, the lightweight, extensible text editor. Atom was originally developed as GitHub's cloud hosted editor before being made more widely available. It has since been developed more as a full featured IDE. The plugin lets developers on Atom use the AI-powered source code analysis of DeepCode remotely and get the suggestions displayed directly in the editor. DeepCode provides additional plugins for BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, and Visual Studio Code.

DeepCode is based on machine learning, and the developers have trained the system on millions of repositories noting the changes the developers make to code. They've then trained their own AI engine with those changes to put together a set of around 250,000 rules. These are used to analyze your repositories and suggest potential problems and how to fix them, and more general improvements. The potential problems are more wideranging than you might expect, covering vulnerabilities such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting. DeepCode can be used to analyze code in Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, XML and Python; the intention is to add support for C#, PHP, and C/C++.


More Information

DeepCode Website

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