Codacy - Automated Code Review
Codacy - Automated Code Review
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A service that continuously monitors code for problematic patterns has launched in private beta. A full public launch is planned for January.

Codacy attempts to find common errors and to make your code reviews more efficient by automation. It is a platform of code patterns designed to complement your unit tests which are applied to every commit of your code repository. .For example, its code analysis algorithms make sure you remove your debug code from production releases. At the moment Codacy claims to have "10 Patterns and Counting". For each commit, Codacy gives you a code grade so you can monitor your overall quality. it is 100% git compatible so you can use it with any git host.



Co-founded by Jaime Jorge Codacy started out as Qamine with funding from Seedcamp. It has recently gained a further $500,000 of investment from EspĂ­rito Santo Ventures and Faber Ventures and rebranded with its new moniker, Codacy.

It is currently in private beta so as slowly scale the platform and is focusing on three things:

  • Curating a collection of code patterns
  • Maximizing the usefulness of each result
  • Making sure Codacy is important to every company added to the private beta

During the beta the service is free and if you want to join in sign in with your Google+ or Github id on to receive an invite. The advantage of being in the beta is that new patterns that are tailor-made to solve your specific coding pain points will be added.

The idea of delegating some of the routine code checking to a monitoring service sounds attractive. It's not a new idea, but  having it as an online background service that executes automatically without devs needing to remember to do it sounds good.


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