GitHub Announces Remote Open Source Internship Initiative
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 06 May 2020

GitHub and Major League Hacking (MHL) have set up the MHL Fellowship, a remote internship program to support the next generation of developers along with open source projects.

The idea is that because internships are on hold because of the coronavirus lockdown, students won't be able to work as interns to improve their programming skills. As an alternative, the MLH Fellowship is offering a remote internship program. Facebook, Royal Bank of Canada, and DEV have already signed on as supporters and sponsors.


MLH is best known as the company that runs a league for student hackathons. The company aims to help students access opportunities regardless of where they might live or go to school. They point out that the opportunities open to students varies dramatically depending on where they live and go to school, and MLH aims to change that by offering opportunities no matter where the students are from.

The 12-week program will run over the summer, and up to 1,000 students will be funded to work full time on major open source projects under the mentorship of experienced engineers. The students will work in “pods” of 8-10 students with open source projects and mentors.  Pods will meet daily for the full term of the program, with most days starting with a standup where students will plan their days and hear about what everyone is working on. Usually students will work with 2-3 other fellows on a task related to one of the Open Source projects the pod is assigned to. Each pod has mentors to help students, and to lead regular educational events for the pod like lunch and learns, show and tell, and workshops.

Alongside the work, the students will have opportunities to network, along with weekly events including Hackathons, workshops, and socials. 

MLH said:

"We’re proud to announce that Fellows will have the opportunity to contribute directly to major open source projects used by millions of developers around the world like React, Homebrew, Jest, and DEV. The MLH Fellows program is designed from the ground up to give maintainers additional leverage by having paid engineering mentors from work with the students on their day-to-day learnings and contributions to the projects."


More Information

MLH Fellowship Webpage

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