Cloud Computing
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201 Amazon introduces AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio
202 New toolkit for Android/Azure apps
203 If iCloud runs on Azure and Amazon what is Apple's data center for?
204 Google's App Engine pricing causes discontent
205 Heat your home with a server or two
206 New Azure Toolkit for Social Games
207 Project Daytona
208 Pivot tables added to Google Docs
209 Backup to the Cloud via a portable drive
210 Google App Engine Go-es Forward
211 F# and VB.NET now in Rock Paper Azure competition
212 HP Printers become Cloud Print ready
213 ADO.NET provider for Salesforce
214 Amazon dumbs down AWS with appliances
215 Digital currency lets GPU cycles print money
216 Sell your unused GPU cycles
217 Amazon Beanstalk - just runs your app
218 Google BigQuery gets scripting and spreadsheets
219 AWS launches Route 53 DNS
220 Windows Azure 1.3 SDK available for download
221 EC2 GPU cracks passwords on the cheap
222 Amazon extends options for high performance cloud computing
223 Simple Cloud API in Zend Framework 1.11
224 Cloud computing aids climate change research
225 Microsoft draws closer to Cloud Computing
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