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1 Microsoft Previews Azure Web PubSub
2 MongoDB Atlas Adds MultiCloud Cluster Support
3 Introducing the DigitalOcean App Platform
4 The Trap Snaps Shut - GitHub Codespaces
5 Amazon Braket Now Generally Available
6 AWS Bottlerocket Now Generally Available
7 Google Launches App Modernization Program
8 Istio 1.7 Expands Capabilities for the Hybrid Cloud
9 Open Service Mesh To Join Cloud Native Computing Foundation
10 Hurry To Accept CNCF Cloud Engineer Bootcamp Offer
11 Fighting Coronavirus At Home With Exascale Power
12 SETI@home Goes Into Hibernation
13 Azure Functions 3.0 Goes Live
14 Amazon Braket On The Quantum Bandwagon
15 Microsoft Announces Azure Quantum
16 Microsoft Adds New Azure SDKs
17 Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain Service
18 Coursera and Google Address Cloud Security Skills Shortage
19 Google Adds SparkR Support On Cloud DataProc
20 Crowd Sourcing And GPUs Bring 3Km Weather Forecasts
21 GitLab Goes Serverless
22 IBM To Acquire Red Hat For $34 Billion
23 Azure Functions 2 Supports More Platforms
24 AWS Greengrass Now Supports C Executables
25 Fear And Loathing In The Cloud
26 Azure Extends Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge
27 AWS Docs Now Open Source
28 New Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console
29 Go SDK For Azure Released
30 Amazon Starting To Monetize Alexa Skills
31 Amazon Releases Managed Message Broker Service for ActiveMQ
32 Amazon Glacier Select Analyzes Archived Data
33 Amazon's Giant Push Into Machine Learning
34 AWS Amplify Opens Cloud Services For JavaScript
35 Azure Updates Announced At MS Connect()
36 Azure Gets Strato Upgrade And Extends Its Free Offerings
37 CodeStar to Simplify Development On AWS
38 Google Goes Serverless with Cloud Functions
39 Amazon Offering More Incentives For Alexa Skills
40 Gmail Add-ons Developer Preview
41 The 100+ Analytic Microservices for Predix App Development
42 Serverless JavaScript
43 PowerApps Launch
44 Ellison Claims Oracle Cloud Beats Amazon
45 Azure Functions For Serverless Computing
46 New Products For Amazon's Alexa
47 Kratos Runs Lambda On Multiple Clouds
48 Google Takes On Amazon's Lambda
49 Azure Stack Tech Preview - Run You Own Azure
50 Facebook Shuts Parse Mobile App Platform
51 Oracle Launches Elastic Compute Cloud
52 Cloud Security Webinar
53 New Amazon Elasticsearch Service
54 Amazon Inspector For Security Compliance
55 Amazon Introduces Quicksight - Cloud BI
56 Google Launches Cloud Dataproc
57 Helion Cloud Development Webinar With Code
58 HP Helion Webinars
59 Amazon Web Services Adds API Gateway
60 Google App Engine for PHP
61 Amazon Opens Up Alexa To Developers and Third Parties
62 AWS Adds Java Lambda Support
63 Microsoft Updates T&Cs
64 Azure Service Fabric Announced
65 Google Announces Big Data the Cloud Way
66 New AWS Services
67 LibreOffice Moving To The Cloud - But How?
68 Microsoft Launches Azure App Service
69 Apache Storm On Azure
70 Apache Kafka 0.8.2 Now Ready For You To Trial
71 Google Cloud Dataflow SDK
72 Amazon AWS Lambda
73 IE Remote Runs On Anything
74 Azure Plugin For Android Studio And IntelliJ
75 New Azure Services Announced
76 New APIs for Office 365
77 Google Adds Firebase To Its Cloud
78 Apache Storm Added To Hadoop On Azure
79 Mathematica Online Launched
80 Google Cloud Platform For Startups
81 Microsoft has an APIphany
82 Amazon CloudWatch
83 Google Moves On From MapReduce, Launches Cloud Dataflow
84 Price War In The Cloud - Azure Lowers Prices
85 Amazon AppStream Opens Up
86 Office 365 REST APIs Preview
87 App Engine 1.9.0 Revs Up
88 What's In Store for European Office 365 Connect
89 Google Cloud SQL Open For Business
90 AWS Adds Hosted R
91 Revised Dates For European Office 365 Connect
92 Amazon Kinesis For Real-Time Processing of Data
93 Amazon AppStream - Let The Cloud Do The Heavy Lifting
94 Visual Studio Goes Online - Cloud Based Cloud Development
95 AWS SDK for JavaScript Released
96 Native MySQL on Google Cloud
97 Yandex Cocaine
98 European Office 365 Connect 2014
99 Oracle Cloud Expands
100 Oracle VMs On Azure
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