AWS Amplify Opens Cloud Services For JavaScript
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 23 November 2017

Amazon has released an open source library for interacting with cloud services that use JavaScript applications. The AWS Amplify library is organized into a number of categories, with more planned for the future.

The library is described on GitHub as:

"a declarative interface across different categories of operations in order to make common tasks easier to add into your application. The default implementation works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources but is designed to be open and pluggable for usage with other cloud services that wish to provide an implementation or custom backends."  

Current categories start with authorization. You can use this to provide AWS credentials for Signature Version 4 signing, and it also can be used to produce OIDC JWT tokens from Amazon Cognito.

The analytics category lets you incorporate tracking for authenticated or unauthenticated users in Amazon Pinpoint. Using this component takes just one line of code, and it can be extended for custom metrics or attributes.

The API module lets you interact with RESTful APIs that make use of AWS Sigv4 in a secure manner. It can also be used for serverless infrastructures with Amazon API Gateway.

There's a storage module that provides simplified commands for uploading, downloading, and listing content in Amazon S3. You can also group data into public or private content on a per-user basis.

A caching module provides an LRU (Least Recently Used) cache interface across web apps and React Native using implementation-specific persistence.

The final module in the current version provides internationalization and localization, as well as debugging and logging capabilities.




The developers have provided additional packages for React and React Native with Higher Order Components so you can wrap your application for these categories or use pieces when building out interfaces.

At the same time as releasing the library, the developers have launched a command line interface for mobile developers. The  AWS Mobile CLI can be used by front-end JavaScript developers to create and integrate AWS backend resources into their mobile apps. You can use it to create serverless backends with AWS Lambda, and the Amplify library then allows common configuration from this process to be consumed using a single line of code.


More Information

AWS Amplify On GitHub 

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