StormForge Optimize Live Adds BiDimensional Kubernetes Autoscaling
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

StormForge has announced that its Optimize Live solution now enables bi-directional Kubernetes pod autoscaling. Optimize Live uses machine learning to suggest actions that will improve the efficiency of an organization's Kubernetes production environment so saving cloud resources and money,.

StormForge specializes in cloud-native application performance testing and resource optimization. The company first announced StormForge Optimize Live in February, and has now added support for bi-dimensional Kubernetes pod autoscaling.


Optimize Live is designed to provide an automatic way to optimize applications for Kubernetes, ensuring that the code uses the underlying resources of CPU and memory as efficiently as possible. It does this by analyzing data on the applications, and also sets the optimal target usage for the horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA). The Kubernetes HPA automatically updates a workload resource such as a deployment or StatefulSet with the aim of automatically scaling the workload to match demand. Horizontal scaling means that the response to increased load is to deploy more Pods.

Kubernetes offers two main ways of dynamically scaling applications, the HPA and the vertical pod autoscaler (VPA), but using the two together is complicated, and the HPA requires users to set a target utilization that determines when to add or remove replicas. According to Datadog, only 40% of organizations use horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA) and less than 1% use vertical pod autoscaling (VPA). By setting the target usage, Optimize Live enables vertical and horizontal autoscaling to work together without contention.

Matt Provo, CEO at StormForge, said the bi-directional pod autoscaling is the first in the industry:

“The promise of Kubernetes is still beyond the reach of so many organizations, but bi-dimensional pod autoscaling will change that for the vast majority of Kubernetes users.”

StormForge says that the machine learning features in StormForge Optimize Live go beyond cost or performance alone, optimizing both to enable intelligent business decisions with minimal trade-offs. There are three elements to StormForge Optimize Live; a controller that runs on your cluster, a CLI tool for installing the controller, and an API that automatically generates recommend configurations for your application. StormForge runs in any CNCF-certified distribution. 

There's a free trial version available, and StormForge is hosting a webinar highlighting the new bi-dimensional autoscaling capability.


More Information


Free Trial Of StormForge Optimize Live

StormForge Optimize Live Webinar

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