Microsoft Announces Cloud-Native App Platform
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 24 October 2023

Microsoft has announced a cloud-native application platform that can be used to deploy applications. Radius is an open-source project that supports deploying applications across private cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft plans to add support for other cloud providers.

Microsoft says that cloud-based applications have become more complex, and managing them increasingly difficult, as companies build cloud-native applications composed of interconnected services and deploy them to multiple public clouds and their private infrastructure.


Radius addresses this area. It supports technologies like Kubernetes, existing infrastructure tools including Terraform and Bicep, and integrates with existing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems like GitHub Actions.


Microsoft says that key features of the Radius platform start with team collaboration, so that developers can work with company operations specialists on Radius applications, environments and delivery.

Radius shows all the components that make up an application, and when developers add new components, Radius automatically connects those components to their application by taking care of permissions and connection strings.

A key element of Radius is the use of infrastructure recipes. Radius monitors application requirements in terms of cost, operations, and security requirements, storing the details in recipes that are defined by the IT operators, platform engineers, and/or security engineers that support cloud native developers. Radius binds an application to its dependent infrastructure, meaning it can show in an application graph how the application and infrastructure are interconnected.

Microsoft says Radius has been designed to support incremental adoption, letting organizations integrate Radius into existing workflows and existing catalogs of Infrastructure-as-Code templates.

Radius is open-source and multi-cloud, and Microsoft says companies including Microsoft, BlackRock, Comcast, and Millenium BCP have worked together to ensure applications defined and managed with Radius can run on any cloud. Anyone in the open-source community can contribute to Radius.

Radius is available as an early release on GitHub with the intention of letting developers learn about and experiment with the platform. 


More Information

Radius On GitHub

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