Grafana Adds New Tools
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 14 November 2023

Grafana Labs has announced new tools to make it easier to analyze application data on Grafana Cloud. The announcements are an Application Observability tool for Grafana Cloud, and Grafana Beyla, the eBPF-based application auto-instrumentation open source project for application observability.

Grafana Cloud is a managed service with free and paid tiers. 


Grafana has also announced the acquisition of Asserts.AI, whose products provide insights into relationships over time among various system components. serves as a contextual layer for Prometheus metrics and provides alerts and dashboards for root cause analysis.

Grafana Application Observability is available to all users of Grafana Cloud, including the free tier. It is described as an observability solution that aims to minimize the mean time to repair (MTTR) for application problems based on OpenTelemetry semantic conventions and the Prometheus data-model. Grafana Cloud users can use the new tool by using OpenTelemetry instrumentation and exporting data to Grafana Cloud.

A second new tool that is now generally available is the open source project Grafana Beyla, which provides an alternative way to set up an application for observability. The traditional route for this starts with adding a language agent to the deployment or package, manually adding tracepoints, and then redeploying. By deploying Beyla as a daemon set in Kubernetes, you can instrument all services of the OpenTelemetry demo with a single command, without modifying source code. Based on the eBPF (Extended Berkeley Packet Filter), which allows you to attach your own programs to different points of the Linux kernel, Beyla auto-instruments HTTP/gRPC applications written in Go, C/C++, Rust, Python, Ruby, Java, NodeJS, and .NET, It provides vendor-agnostic Rate-Errors-Duration (RED) metrics and traces, exported in the OpenTelemetry format and as native Prometheus metrics.

The announcements were made at today's Grafana's annual ObservabilityCON conference in London, where Grafana also announced a cost management hub with a suite of cost management tools. The suite adds a Log Volume Explorer and Usage Attribution Report, along with Adaptive Metrics with a new interactive UI that can be used to apply and remove recommendations for aggregating unused and partially used metrics.

A number of AI-based announcements were also made, including the release of an open source LLM app to enable large language model-based extensions to Grafana; and Sift, a diagnostic assistant in Grafana Cloud that can discover contributing causes to incidents across metric, log, and tracing data.


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