New Modules For Azure SDK For Go
Thursday, 16 December 2021

Microsoft has announced new modules for the Azure SDK Resource Management Libraries for JavaScript and Go. The modules are designed to provide an improved developer experience, and are grouped into management and client modules.

The new modules follow the introduction of the Azure management libraries for JavaScript and Go in September. The Azure SDK for Go and the Azure SDK for JavaScript each provide several libraries (grouped into management and client) that allow your Go or JavaScript code to communicate with Azure services. The JavaScript or Go code can run either locally or in the cloud.


The libraries are designed to share a number of core features: unified authentication protocols, HTTP retries, logging, transport protocols and so on.

When the Go SDK for Azure was originally released, it was had support for connecting to data sources including Cosmos DB and Azure Storage, deploying Azure resources programmatically, and authenticating users, and the development team suggested that one first interesting use for the SDK would be to interact with the Azure Blob Storage object storage service.

The new Azure SDK Resource Management Libraries for JavaScript and Go aim to make it easier to manage resources and users. In the initial release, there were JavaScript management libraries for supported services for App Service, Compute, Key Vault, Links, Locks, Managed Applications, Network, PolicyResources, SQL,Storage and Web PubSub.

The list for Go included AgFood Platform, API Management, Authorization, Compute, Container Registry, Container Service, Cosmos DB, Event Grid, Event HubKey, Vault, Monitor. Network, Operational Insights, PostgreSQL, Private DNS, Redis, Resources, Service Bus and Storage.

These have now been updated with a further 50 modules, including Analysis Services, a Bot Service, Data Lake Analytics and Service, DataBricks, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL and SQL Virtual Machine. 

The developers say they hope the new libraries will provide a better development experience, will be easier to learn and integrate into your management scenarios. The libraries are available from a variety of package managers and repositories, such as for Go and npm for JavaScript.


More Information

Azure SDK for Go repository

Azure SDK For Go GitHub Repository

Azure SDK For JavaScript GitHub Repository

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