Introduction To Artificial Intelligence - New On edX
Written by Sue Gee   
Friday, 15 September 2017

Microsoft has just launched a new, free, self-paced course on the edX platform. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence sets out to show how Machine Learning provides the foundation for AI, and how you can use cognitive services in your apps.



The course  will take an estimated 3-4 hours per week for four weeks, including lectures from Microsoft Learning Experience's Graeme Malcolm, further reading, hands-on labs, and assessments. You have until the course end date, December 31st, to complete all its graded coursework.

According to edX, students will learn how to: 

  • Build simple machine learning models with Azure Machine Learning;
  • Use Python and Microsoft cognitive services to work with text, speech, images, and video;
  • Use the Microsoft Bot Framework to implement conversational bots.

All of this complements the developments Microsoft has made in what was originally known as Project Oxford and has since become Microsoft Cognitive Services and with conversational bots, including Cortana.

There are no programming prerequisites, but Python experience might help, as would an understanding of variables, loops, branching, and other software basics. 

The course has four main modules, each of which culminates in a hand-on lab.

  • Machine Learning
    Machine Learning Fundamentals
    Azure Machine Learning

  • Language and Communication
    Getting Started with Text Processing
    Introduction to Natural Language Processing
    Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)

  • Computer Vision
    Getting Started with Images Processing
    Working with Images and Videos

  • Conversation as a Platform
    Introduction to Bots
    Building Intelligent Bots 

An Azure subscription is required to complete the hands-on labs in this course and for this you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Azure, or engage in various Microsoft programs that include limited free access to Azure. A credit card may be required to authenticate your identity.  

Like other Microsoft courses on edX this course is free. However, a Verified Certificate costs $99. 


More Information

Free edX Course – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

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