Udacity Launches School of Data Science
Written by Sue Gee   
Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Note: See Data, Data Everywhere for a more recent (November 2022) overview of Udacity's School of Data Science programs.

Udacity has opened the doors on its new School of Data Science. This has two learning paths, with and without programming. The first step on the programming path is a brand new nanodegree at beginner level that covers the fundamentals of Python, SQL and GitHub. But you can dive in at intermediate or advanced level if you already have the pre-requisites.




Back in March, Udacity announced its School of AI and now it has followed up with a School of Data Science which gathers together the various nanodegree programs that can help you into a career in Data Science. As with artificial intelligence, data science is currently an employment area where demand exceeds supply and Udacity's career-oriented approach is designed to help you land a job in this growth area. 

Currently there are five programs - each of which requires participants to complete a series of projects that together form a portfolio that can be used to demonstrate your skills to a prospective employer.

There are programs in the School of Data Science for programmers and non-programmers and it is the former, the set of three options in the left-hand column below, that are the focus here. 



We looked in detail at the Data Scientist Nanodegree, when it was launched two months ago. This is the third rung on the ladder, i.e. the most advanced, and over two terms, each costing $999, students build machine learning models, and learn to run data pipelines, design experiments, build recommendation systems, and deploy solutions to the cloud. The classroom opened for the second time around yesterday and to join in this cohort you need to enroll by July 27, 2018.

The Data Scientist Nanodegree was one of the very first of this type of credential to be to be available.  We described it when it first ran in January 2015 and although it is now revised and updated some of the free courses that are associated with it are still the same. The main difference is that it now focuses on Python and SQL and you use a Jupyter notebook. At Intermediate level, it consists of a single term of 4 months and costs $999 during which you learn to wrangle data, analyze experiment results, and create visualizations with five projects to complete. The next start date for this program is August 14 and it requires experience working with Python (specifically Numpy and Pandas) and SQL.

If you don't currently have these pre-requisites Udacity's latest nanodegree Programming for Data Science, which is at Beginner level for those with no prior experience, will fill the gap and its first run starts on August 14. Costing $599 it is a 3-month program (assuming 10 hours effort per week) and has three modules, each of which has a project to complete.

  • Introduction to SQL 
    Learn SQL fundamentals such as JOINs, Aggregations, and Subqueries. Use SQL to answer complex business problems.

  • Introduction to Python Programming
    Learn Python programming fundamentals such as data structures, variables, loops, and functions. Learn to work with data using the most common libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

  • Introduction to Version Control
    Learn how to use version control to keep track of your work, and share your projects with other people in the data science industry. 


More Information

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Data Analyst Nanodegree

Programming for Data Science

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