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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Future Learn is running four self-paced ExpertTracks on AI and Microsoft Azure. Coming in November there's also a microcredential that will prepare you for the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate exam.

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According to Future Learn:

AI Specialist was the number 1 in-demand role in 2020 for the UK, USA, and Australia. Key skills required included machine learning, Python, deep learning, natural language processing and computer vision. 

To help people embark on a career in AI, machine learning on data science, Future Learn has extended its IT & Computer Science portfolio with four ExpertTracks: 


All of these courses have been created by CloudSwyft and are accredited by Microsoft.

ExpertTracks consist of a series of online courses designed to help you master new skills in specialist areas. You pay a monthly subscription fee of £36 which includes access to all courses within the ExpertTrack, as well as assessments and the final digital certificate. Each ExpertTrack comes with a 7-day free trial period. You may cancel your subscription at any time and your subscription will automatically cancel when you finish the courses and assessments in your chosen ExpertTrack.

As with other Future Learn courses, you learn through a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities and while the material is split into weeks, activities, and steps, you can complete it as quickly or slowly as you like. As you progress through ExpertTrack courses you earn a  certificate for each one, together with a digital certificate for passing the final assessment.


The introductory level  AI Design and Engineering with Microsoft Azure is nominally 17 weeks at 5-6 hours per week. It comprises 5 courses starting with one in which students learn the key concepts of cloud computing and how they relate to AI development, and look in depth at the core cloud computing models - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Later on students find out how conversation-as-a-platform is creating AI chatbots of the future, and experience the coding power of the Python programming language. They also discover how to use apps and cognitive services in the design and implementation of Microsoft Azure AI solutions.

The other ExpertTracks are at intermediate level and have varying pre-requisites. Advanced and Applied AI on Microsoft Azure (15 weeks  at 5-6 hours per week, 4 courses) requires a basic understanding of Python, C#, Creative Studio, or experience working with data in Excel, databases, or text files, may help. This ExpertTrack will provide you with a detailed introduction to the core services offered by Microsoft Azure while teaching you how to use its advanced Azure AI functionality. You will learn how to build machine learning tools and predictive models using the Python programming language. You will also use Azure Cognitive Services to create your own AI chatbot. You will learn the basics of natural language programming and use LUIS (language understanding) to improve your chatbot’s artificial intelligence and functionality.

Deep Learning and Python Programming for AI with Microsoft Azure (21 weeks  at 5-6 hours per week, 5 courses) is designed to be an introduction to deep learning, teaching you AI, machine learning, and Python fundamentals so students need strong mathematical, statistical, and computer science skills and a basic grasp of Python programming is recommended. The ExpertTrack examine examples of AI applications in the real-world showing you how to use and apply this technology yourself using Azure. You’ll also discover how to build intelligent bots that enable conversational communication between humans and AI systems, as well as design deep semantic similarity models (DSSM) and neural models for machine translations. You’ll then build basic signal processing for speech recognition, acoustic modelling, labelling and common algorithms for language modelling.


Ethics, Laws and Implementing an AI Solution on Microsoft Azure (14 weeks  at 5-6 hours per week) requires students to have a basic knowledge of maths, statistics, programming (Python would be an advantage), and C# or Visual Studio. They should also have some experience working with data from Excel, databases or text files, and be willing to develop your skills with hands-on practice. This Expert Track is designed for students and professionals beginning or developing their careers in data science for AI, analytics, and machine learning and covers the laws and ethics of AI, data research methods with Python, and the design of an AI solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Future Learn also has a Microcredential with the title Artificial Intelligence on Microsoft Azure: Machine Learning and Python Basics. This starts in November and lasts 15 weeks, requiring 5 to 6 hours per week with a total of 5 courses. Again the content is from CloudSwyft, accredited by Microsoft, and some of it in common with courses in the ExpertTracks.

  • Azure Cloud Fundamentals - 2 weeks

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - 3 weeks

  • Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning and AI - 4 weeks

  • Introduction to Python Programming - 3 weeks

  • Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution - 3 weeks

The cost for enrollment is £499 and, while there are no no specific entry requirements for this credential you are recommend to have basic Python skills, knowledge of and experience in C# or Creative Studio, and experience working with data from Excel, databases, or text files plus a high-school level of maths and basic understanding of statistics. Upon successful completion of this microcredential, you’ll receive a voucher to sit the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI-100) certification exam. 


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