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Tuesday, 07 September 2021

If you are interested in User experience and the psychological interface between man and computer technology, edX has two Professional Certificate - one on Human-Computer Interaction, the other on Human-Robot Interaction.


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Offered as an online course by the University of Canterbury, the Professional Certificate in Human-Robot Interaction sets out to provide a broad overview of the multidisciplinary topics central to modern HRI research and to explore issues such as the level of anthropomorphism of social robots.

Its promo video, in which course instructor Christoph Bartneck is joined by a Nao Robot called Marvin, is short and quirky and prompted me to enrol on the spot: 

Aimed at students and researchers in the fields of robotics, computer science, psychology, sociology, and interface design, this program consists of two self-paced courses, each estimated at 7 weeks in length at 5-10 hours per week. 

The first of its two courses, Introduction to Human-Robot Interaction, is already underway. It covers all the relevant background concepts and how robots work and looks at how to design a human-robot interaction and the different ways in which users can interact with robots.

The second course, Methods and Application in Human-Robot Interaction which starts on September 22nd, includes topics such as how robots process speech and the role that emotions play in the interaction between humans and robots.It also looks at the role that robots could play in society with attention paid to real world application areas, such as learning, healthcare, personal assistants, and transport.

Students also have access to an open access textbook during the course and can subscribe to an active podcast for bonus content. 

The cost of this Professional Certificate is $498 but as I don't require a Professional Certificate I chose the Audit Course option. The main disadvantage of this is that I will lose access to the courses as soon as they reach their end dates. Verified Track students have much longer access and also get to test their understanding with quizzes and assessments.


The same choice between Audit (for free) and Verified (costing $396) applies to the Professional Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction which comes from Georgia Tech. Taught by David Joyner it comprises four courses, each lasting for 6 weeks requiring 5-6 hours per week, and is based on one the optional modules included in  Georgia Tech's online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMS CS). In this case verified learners who completes all four courses are also eligible to receive 14.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Georgia Tech Professional Education for an additional fee. 


The courses included are:

I: Fundamentals & Design Principles 

Outlines the principles of Human-Computer Interaction used to create intuitive, usable interfaces covering with established design principles like feedback cycles, direct manipulation, affordances, signifiers, and more. 

II: Cognition, Context & Culture

Get into the user’s mind and understand the role of mental models and representations, then investigate how to design interfaces that integrate with and influence the world around us.

 III: Ethics, Needfinding & Prototyping

Build on your knowledge of HCI’s core principles by learning to design interfaces in the real world. Begin with the ethics of human subjects research, then learn critical methods for requirements gathering and brainstorming design alternatives.

IV: Evaluation, Agile Methods & Beyond

Complete your understand of the design life cycle by learning to take interface ideas, prototype them quickly, and evaluate them with real users.

The Professional Certificate description points out:

According to Fortune, Human-Computer Interaction is one of the top post-graduate pursuits for job prospects due to high satisfaction, low stress, high job growth, and a high median salary.

 So, if you are interested in HCI, these four courses seems like a good way to discover what it is all about.newedxlogo


More Information

Professional Certificate in Human-Robot Interaction

Professional Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction

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