Coursera Specialization Offer Is Not Irrational
Written by Sue Gee   
Friday, 18 March 2022

Coursera has a limited time offer, lasting until March 28th 2022, for selected Specializations on topics including machine learning and maths, reducing the cost of the first month's enrollment to $3.14. 

If you haven't already deciphered the rationale for this promotion, Coursera's invitation to take the plunge states:

When you “calculate” the benefits, you’ll see there’s nothing “irrational” about this offer!

And the biggest clue is provided by its graphic: 



Pi Day is over for another year - but there's still 10 days to take advantage of this offer. As well as being limited in time, note that the offer is not available in India. 


There are a total of 26 Specializations included with the largest number, 10, in the Data Science & Math category. Only one of  these, Big Data Specialization from UC San Diego, has already been covered by I Programmer, but they all sound of interest. Having done some experimental design many years ago I was tempted by Design of Experiments Specialization from Arizona State University in which you can:

Learn modern experimental strategy, including factorial and fractional factorial experimental designs, designs for screening many factors, designs for optimization experiments, and designs for complex experiments such as those with hard-to-change factors and unusual responses.

At beginner level there's Rice University's Business Statistics and Analysis Specialization while at advanced level there's Practical Data Science Specialization from Amazon Web Services in which students develop and scale their data science projects into the cloud using Amazon SageMaker. For those who prefer Microsoft Azure the promotion encompasses a beginner-level Specialization for preparing for the Certified AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam.

Turning to the Computer Science & Information Technology category there are 6 options including the DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations Specialization from IBM, which you'll find  details of in my report New DevOps Credentials From IBM On Coursera from earlier in the month. Other options are, at beginner level Coding for Everyone: C and C++, and at intermediate level, Software Development Lifecycle Specialization and Advanced App Development in Android Specialization from Imperial College London. 

The Business category has 4 options including ones on the topics of Marketing Strategy and Data-Driven Decision Making. There are also 6 listed in Personal Development of which Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking from Duke University and Art for Games from Michigan State University, sound well worth investigating - or maybe I should try Become a Journalist: Report the News! which is also from Michigan State.

This is one of the longest of the specializations - approximately 6 months to complete at a suggested pace of 4 hours per week. Most of the other options are 3 or 4 months and so can probably be accomplished in a shorter time frame, remembering of course, after the first month of study you need to pay the normal monthly subscription of $39-$49 per month.



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