Pluralsight Acquires Code School
Written by Sue Gee   
Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Code School is the latest training provider to join Pluralsight. To celebrate the acquisition Pluralsight it offering 72-hour free access to its own and Code School's courses if you sign up by noon EST on Friday January 30.

Code School started less than four years ago and since then it has released more than 40 courses on topics including JavaScript, Ruby and Git that are characterized as "learning by doing".


As its founder Greg Pollack explains in this video. its interactive courses run in the browser and provide instant feedback. Courses are based round a theme and a story and learners earn points and badges. 


According to Greg Pollack, having joined Pluralsight Code School's name won't change and neither will the type of courses it produces. Its users will now have an onward path they can follow to go deeper into the same or different technologies. 

Pluralsight was founded in 2004 and originally offered classroom based training, is a much bigger organisation. It went online on 2008 and now has over 3,700 courses, 750,000 learners and 150 employees, compared to Code School's almost 40 staff.

In 2013 Pluralsight acquired Peepcode and TekPub and now includes around fifty courses from the former and twenty from the latter in its own subscription plan. In April 2014 it joined forces with Digital Tutors, more than doubling its number of courses with the new additions being creative training in gme design, 3D animation and video editing.

In answer to the question Why did we acquire Code School?Pluralisght's FAQs state: 

We believe people like to learn in a variety of ways, depending on what they're learning and why.  By acquiring Code School, we can expose more learners to its rich, interactive way of teaching.  We also want to help Code School learners discover courses on Pluralsight that can advance their skills.


The 72-hour free access to training offer applied to all courses from Code School. Pluralsight and Digital Tutors when you sign in or sign up by Friday January 30th. Normally access to Pluralsight training for individuals costs $29 per month or $49 for access offline viewing, exercise files and pre- and post-course assessments. Code School will continue to have a separate monthly subscription of $29 per month (with the first month being offered at just $9). 



More Information

Pluralsight + Code School: Expand your learning horizons

Code School


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