Top 10 From Around The Web: AngularJS Web Development Resources
Written by Ian Elliot   
Friday, 03 March 2017

The I-Programmer team reports a lot of news and originates loads of helpful articles, but there's far more out there than we can possibly cover. So from time to time we trawl through other people's blogs to find posts of interest. This time the focus is Angular.JS. - How to Add AngularJS to Your ASP.NET 5 Applications

AngularJS can be a great addition to your ASP.NET applications, but getting started can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Let's take a look at how you can add AngularJS to your ASP.NET applications with minimal stress. - Tutorial: Get Started with AngularJS, Spring Boot, and Stormpath

In this post, you’ll learn how to create REST endpoints with Spring Data REST, configure Spring Boot to handle cross-domain requests, and use Stormpath to make authentication a breeze. - Upgrading Your Application to Angular 2 with Ng-Upgrade

In this blog post, we'll explore how to downgrade and upgrade components and services from Angular 1.x to Angular 2 and vice versa! - Combining AngularJS and ReactJS for Better Applications

If you're a JavaScript developer, and know a little bit about the current state of JS development, then you're probably well aware that there seems to be a new JS framework popping up every day. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with so many choices and that can make it difficult to actually choose the right tool for the job. - AngularJS Tutorial: Basics

The basic concept of AngularJS is based on two way binding and that forms the core of AngularJS, so it is very important to understand what exactly is two way binding. - Angular 2 for AngularJS Developers

Angular 2 for AngularJS walks through how to build app with Angular 2 with your experience from AngularJS. - Angular vs AngularJS 2: A Detailed Comparison

The blog post compares the major variants of the front end JavaScript technologies: AngularJS1 vs AngularJS 2. - Step-By-Step OData 4 / TypeScript / AngularJs / CRUD Sample

OData 4 allows you to create back-end services for your web applications with minimal code because it allows the client code to query the entities. This removes the need to create a separate service method for each operation. - PrimeNG - Web Component Framework Based on AngularJS 2

AngularJS is a JavaScript web application framework. It encapsulates the MVC (Model View Controller) and MVVM (Model View View Model) architecture models. One of its features that I like most is the two way binding. - AngularJS Restful Web Service Example Using $http

In this post, we will use AngularJS to call rest CRUD APIs. So we are going to create a view and then perform CRUD operations on the basis of button clicks.


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