Meta Donates Jest To OpenJS Foundation
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Meta Open Source is transferring Jest, its open source JavaScript testing framework, to the OpenJS Foundation. Jest is the most used testing framework measured by weekly downloads (17 million a week) and by GitHub stars -  over 38,000.

Jest is an open source JavaScript testing framework that offers developers a way to create high-performance tests with minimal configuration. It was originally known as “jst” within Facebook. 


It was created in 2011 when Facebook’s chat feature was rewritten in JavaScript, and made open source in 2014. Since then it has been maintained part-time by engineers at Meta, then overhauled in 2016 when the developers added features including performance, watch mode, and snapshot testing.

The project has benefited from being supported by the Jest Open Collective since 2018. This supports non-Meta employees developing and maintaining Jest, and has so far raised over $70,000 in funds for the Jest open source community. This has enabled the open source community to make major improvements to Jest, such as jest-each, inline snapshots, interactive snapshot mode, watch mode plugins, better defaults, and ESM support.

The OpenJS Foundation is an organization aimed at supporting the healthy growth of the JavaScript ecosystem. It hosts a number of open source JavaScript projects, including jQuery, Node.js, Electron, AMP, and webpack.

Jest 28 was recently published with contributions from over 60 contributors. Jest 28 adds support for a number of frequently requested including support for sharding a test run across multiple machines, package exports and the ability to customize the behavior of fake timers. The addition of support for package exports extends the facilities added in 27.3, which only supported the "main" entry point (.), and only if no main field was present in package.json.

Jest 28 is available now on the Jest website.


More Information

Jest Website

OpenJS Foundation

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