Deno Adds Support For Private npm Registries
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 06 June 2024

Deno 1.44 has been released with support for private npm registries and for gRPC connections.

Deno is built in Rust, and is described as secure by default as it has no file, network, or environment access, unless explicitly enabled. 


The main improvement in this release is the support for private npm registries, which means users can make use of internal packages. The developers say they added the feature because of requests from large organizations, the majority of which host their own private npm registries to manage internal packages. Deno 1.44 now supports using an .npmrc file to configure Deno to fetch packages from this private registry. This feature is available when using private packages in a package.json or when importing packages directly using npm: specifiers.

The second main improvement adds support for gRPC connections, using the @grpc/grpc-js client library from npm. This enables you to connect to gRPC services, such as Google Cloud Platform from Deno.

This release also improves Node.js compatibility, in what the team says is a significant step forward in Deno's compatibility with Node.js and npm packages. The developers say:

"As a major milestone, we have been able to run Next.js applications with Deno with this release. While there are some rough edges, such as the need to use DENO_FUTURE=1, we're confident that we can work through these issues quickly."

A number of other minor npm and Node.js compatibility improvements have been made, including adding buffers that ts-node relies on; and fixing missing methods when passing MessagePort to Node worker_threads.

Finally, and perhaps most noticeably, Deno 1.44 introduces several performance improvements that the developers say should make Deno faster and more memory efficient. They expect many projects to see memory usage reductions between 5-30%, depending on the workload. This has been achieved by re-enabling V8 pointer compression, allowing V8 to store pointers more efficiently.

Deno 1.44 is available now.


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