JavaScript 1K 2014 Competition Underway
Written by Lucy Black   
Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Can you write an impressive JavaScript demo in no more more than 1024 bytes? That's still the main challenge of the JS1K Javascript golfing competition, but this year there are two experimental compos added to the line up.

Although this contest started out as a joke in 2010, it attracted so many quality submissions that it has become a fixture and the 2014 "Here be Dragons" contest is the sixth in the series.


According to the rules you are free to submit as many demos as you want but the judges will only consider that last submitted entry for each of this year's three distinct competitions.

This year there are three. Classic, described as the regular JS1k competition you're used to, retains the limit of 1024 bytes. It is now joined by two experimental additions, ++  which doubles the size to allow up to 2048 bytes and Webgl where a slightly bigger boilerplate is provided.  Originator of the contest Peter van der Zee notes in the rules:

It's okay if the webgl compo turns into a shader contest.

and he also points out that there are only prizes for the Classic competition. 

Other rules are that demos must run in Firefox 26 and Chrome 32 using the shims provided and that no externals, by way of linking or including resources, are allowed.

The rules also state:

Anything goes for golfing Do not worry about Crockford's wrath. Your submission does not need to pass jslint, style guides or anything like that. You may compress your submission in any way you can, as long as the result still runs in the target browsers.

The deadline for JS1K 2014 is March 31st but there are already plenty of submissions and the site's home page shows the latest ten at any time.

You can see more by going to the Demos page where those from previous years can also be viewed.

For new entrants to the competition checking out the opposition seems like a good way to discover what is expected. Given this year's theme, there are plenty of dragons in the line up for the Classic contest:




So far there's just one ++ demo on view, an implementation of Connect Four that is very playable, and none for the webgl compo - so perhaps that's an oppportunity for newcomers.


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