The Weekly Top 10: AngularJS Web Development Resources
Written by Ian Elliot   
Thursday, 07 July 2016

We turn the spotlight on AngularJS for this week's round up of posts from external blogs. Recent surveys have shown it to be a really popular JavaScript framework and, even though it isn't yet here, AngularJS 2 is already getting a lot of interest. - Build a Mobile iOS Chat App with AngularJS and PhoneGap

We know the world's going mobile. As a result, mobile app development is growing exponentially in demand. However, there are hundreds of platforms to choose from, and mobile development for a number of different platforms is pricey. Luckily, there is a solution which allows you to develop for multiple mobile platforms with one codebase. In this post we will use the Cordova open-source engine to build an iOS specific app. Because PhoneGap uses more or less the same engine, we will use the two terms interchangeably. - Mobile Web-driven Apps with AngularJS - An Overview

Mobile development is converging. Websites are beginning to feel like applications in their own right, with hardware powered graphics, smooth interfaces, and multiple versions for multiple devices. That begs the question, can web technologies power a full blown app? - Why Does Angular.js Rock?

Let's see if we can discover why! Angular.js is a MV* (Model - View - Whatever) Javascript framework maintained by Google which excels in the creation of single-page-applications or even for adding some "magic" to our classic web applications. I could spend all the day writing about why you should try Angular.js in your new project, but I feel that it would be better if we see it in action. - Self-publishing AngularJS Book - Q&A with Author Tero Parviainen

What things you should consider when planning to self-publish a tech book? How to validate is there enough interest for the topic? Very inspiring discussion with Tero Parviainen author of Build Your Own AngularJS. Brief introduction to Tero: Tero Parviainen is an independent software developer who has been active in Angular and Clojure communities. He has written two books (Build Your Own AngularJS and Real-time Web Application Development using Vert.x 2.0), organizes Clojure Cup and also has given some great talks on various conferences. - AngularJS Scopes: An Introduction

At Carbon Five, we build quite a few AngularJS projects. It's a fun, powerful framework that gets you up and running quickly, but once you've got your feet wet, you run into its infamous learning curve. AngularJS has a fair share of deep concepts; taking some time to understand them can get you back on track. One of these important concepts is scopes. In an AngularJS application, the controller and view share an object called a scope. Let's start with a simple example. - AngularJS Services Step-by-Step Guide

This blog post is intended to give you a taste of AngularJS without a lot of reading. In this post we will review a number of key ideas in AngularJS services, including: Creating a custom service, using a built-in AngularJs service, and routing. - The Beginner's Preemptive Guide To AngularJS 2

You guys know how much I love to write beginner guides. This is one of those guides except that it's on a library that is not really out, the API changes, and the documentation is kind of non-existent. If you notice any disrepair or outdated code, let me know. - Angularjs CRUD with Web API, Entity Framework & Bootstrap Modal Popup

Search sort Insert update and delete are the basic features we need to learn first to learn any language, In this article we will try to create these features with Web API, bootstrap modal popup and ui.router. We will use enetity framework code first to save and retrieve data from database. - Client-Side Template Injection with AngularJS

Naive use of the extremely popular JavaScript framework AngularJS is exposing numerous websites to Angular Template Injection. This relatively low profile sibling of server-side template injection can be combined with an Angular sandbox escape to launch cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks on otherwise secure sites. This post will summarize the core concepts of Angular Template Injection, then show the development of a fresh sandbox escape affecting all modern Angular versions.

Michael Bromley - Experiences Building a Website with AngularJS + WordPress API

I've just completed and launched a complete re-write of this website. Since the first iteration (started around nine months ago) and this new one, I've learned a lot about the fundamental technologies of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript; about AngularJS in particular; and about things like build systems and application architecture. Therefore I wanted to share a few thoughts and experiences I had building this site.

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