The Weekly Top 10: Even More JavaScript Development Resources
Written by Ian Elliot   
Friday, 11 November 2016

This week's round up is about the JavaScript ecosystem and how it works in the real world. Although we regularly cover JavaScript frameworks, there are names new to me on the list of latest ones. - How We Wrote a Desktop Quality App in JavaScript That Avoids Framework Hell

We recently announced SmartDraw Cloud, a browser-based version of our native Windows diagramming application SmartDraw 2016, built entirely in JavaScript. This post is the first in a series that explains our approach, reviews some of the problems we encountered, and discusses why we made decisions we made. - Latest JavaScript Frameworks

A JavaScript framework library is a collection of already developed JavaScript functions, controls, and methods that you can use to develop several fully functional cross-browser compliant codes. In this article, we list a few of the popular JavaScript frameworks in 2016. - Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

This is an open-source book on JavaScript design patterns. In this book we will explore applying both classical and modern design patterns to the JavaScript programming language. - 9 Javascript Libraries to Build Interactive Charts

Charts are one of the best tools for data visualization. Adding animation and interactivity to those charts is actually easier than it sounds, thanks to a number of JS libraries out there. Let’s check them out. - JavaScript without jQuery: Tips and Practical Examples

jQuery is extremely popular amongst front-end developers and is the preferred JavaScript framework of most coders. But there are cases where you can't use jQuery. Here are tips and practical examples for doing things you usually do with jQuery without using the popular framework. - Organizing Javascript in Rails Application with Turbolinks

Using “sprinkles” of Javascript throughout a Rails application can get unwieldly fast if we’re not consistent. We ideally want some techniques and guidelines that can keep the Javascript organized in our projects. Here is my solution to such issues. - JavaScript Debugging in Visual Studio with Chrome

I was developing a JavaScript web app with some complicated client code. Like most software, it worked, but sometimes it would glitch, and I was trying to figure out what caused it. Here's what I did to debug Visual Studio with Chrome using JavaScript. - Angular vs React vs Node - Which Is the Best?

Which of the three Javascript frameworks is the best? Angularjs, nodejs or React? Here is a comparative analysis of the technical differences between them. - Useful JavaScript Debugging Tips You Might Not Know

Knowing your tools can make a major difference when it comes to getting things done. This is a list of small debugging tips you probably didn’t know but soon won’t live without. - Mimicking npm Script in Node.js

I'm a big fan of npm scripts, and have been using them in all of my projects instead of a standalone build system. Here's how to mimic npm scripts in the Node.js library.

From Our Partners

Ixia - Botnet: Is Your Company’s Network Next?

How is a Botnet formed? How are corporate networks infected by Botnets? Which nefarious activities do hackers carry out once in control of infected machines? Find out in this new infographic from Ixia.



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The Weekly Top 10: More JavaScript Development Resources

The Weekly Top 10: More AngularJS Web Development Resources

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BusyBeaver(5) Is 47,176,870

The thing about the BusyBeaver function is that it is very easy to understand, but very difficult to compute. We now know its value up to 5, which isn't much progress for more than 50 years work.

JetBrains Releases Qodana Self-Hosted

JetBrains has released Qodana Self-Hosted, a version of its code quality platform that can now be managed and maintained by the customer on their infrastructure.

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